Frequently Asked Questions

TeeVee is a TV service that gives you today’s current TV, movies, and sports on a variety of your favorite devices without a cable or satellite subscription. No annual contracts, no conflicts, no problems.
TeeVee is available across all 50 United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands among our exclusive private E.P.I.C. Network.
While we feature many local channels - including top broadcast channels, local/regional sports channels, and more - some channel availability will vary depending on your location and zip code. Many broadcasters do not tell you, but all their signals are required to be broadcast in HD and available for free if you obtain an HD antenna. We have a few suggestions for an antenna; TERK Trinity Trimodal HDTV Antenna or the Leaf® 50 Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna.
Absolutely. TeeVee offers many popular local and national sports channels that vary by location. With a TeeVee subscription, you’ll get the best of Live Sports, Sports Entertainment, and Sports News. Note: Local and regional sports content will vary by location and zip code.
TeeVee provides many local sports channels and content, though team-specific coverage will vary depending on your location, your zip code, and your subscription. We will continue to work with our partners to showcase as much great sports content as possible. An HD antenna as mentioned above will solve this for you in the short term.
TeeVee is available for use at home or on-the-go with the purchase of an IN-HOME subscription using a Roku device. Your subscription will also include access via your iOS and Android Mobile devices, along with access via a web browser on your computer.
All High Definition content will be available in HD with adaptive bitrate streaming, so you will see the highest resolution your broadband allows.
For the best TeeVee experience, you will need 2-3 Mbps on individual mobile devices. We recommend a 4G connection for optimal viewing. In a home, we recommend at least 10 Mbps to allow for viewing on multiple devices.
A temporary Internet connection or Hotspot connection can be used with TeeVee but for best results you should be use a high-speed Internet connection.
TeeVee airs many of the same TV channels available on cable and satellite services, so commercials will be included.
Once you have signed up for TeeVee, then please refer to our “How To” Instructional document: TeeVee Setup to complete the setup process.
Subscribing to TeeVee is easy. You just need a device with high-speed Internet access, or a TV connected to a Roku device.
Yes. Please note that only one trial per customer.
There are no additional fees, hidden fees or charges (i.e. no HD fees, installation fees, local sports fees etc.) All pricing - inclusive of any taxes - is presented to you at checkout prior to purchase, so what you see is what you pay. A high speed broadband internet connection is required to stream TeeVee.
Your billing cycle begins as soon as you complete your purchase. Following your initial order, your TeeVee subscription will be automatically billed monthly.
You can access TeeVee on an up-to-date Roku device, iOS mobile version 5 and higher, and Android Mobile version 5 and higher, plus via a web browser on your desktop or laptop computer.
Your subscription to TeeVee allows you to enjoy up to five streams at one time!
No. Bandwidth and internet connection for the end user determines everything. TeeVee is supported by a fully redundant network with multiple data centers to ensure the best quality streaming experience. The only thing that will affect the end user experience is the end users internet connections. You can check your connection at for an instant speed test.
No in most cases. The devices and users have to be authenticated at the home address. Only exception would be vacation homes or kids at school who signed up at home. Take device with you after they have been authenticated at home address / home ISP.
We do not currently support Apple TV. Smart TV’s will require a Roku device to be able to utilize the service. We are working to get on the app store for all TV manufacturers. We don’t plan on supporting game boxes at launch PlayStation, Xbox due to poor user interface and experience.
At launch we will only support USA users but once they have been authenticated in their home market they should be able to travel and use it overseas. Important to note that they could be blocked in certain countries as Netflix and other providers are blocked in certain countries. We will provide additional information on international roaming.
No, this a very common question though. TeeVee will not INCLUDE Hulu and Netflix. These are separate propriety platforms, like TeeVee. Their niche is on-demand past television and movies. Fortunately, TeeVee ALSO will include much of the same type of on-demand previous television and movie content that Hulu and Netflix offer. But it will not be a Hulu or Netflix account. Any original Netflix programming would not be on TeeVee.
Some states do require taxes to be paid on Digital Goods, such as Streaming Video, which TeeVee falls under. Please note not all areas of all states charge this tax.
TeeVee may use large amounts of data, and carrier data charges may apply. For best results, we recommend you connect to your devices to trusted Wi-Fi networks when available.
Just search for TeeVee on the Google Play, Apple or Roku marketplaces.
Yes this is completely possible. Your Roku is not assigned to the TV but to your account. If you are a E.P.I.C. rep you can use this to process for presenting the service in other people’s homes or at events. Just bring your Roku with you and connect to any TV.
Currently, these channels are not available on TeeVee. At this time, you can access BET and Vh1 through their apps. These would be an added per month cost aside from your TeeVee service.
You can access your CONTRACT ID/PASSWORD and USERNAME for Registering TeeVee on all applicable devices by going to You can also manage your billing information online as well.
You can manage your devices by going to
TeeVee Customer Support is available Monday-Friday from 9-5:30pmEST @844-583-3833. We are also available via email: [email protected] and for Technical Support after hours: [email protected].